Hi! Welcome to my mojo dojo casa house! I'm MaryStrawberry, a game developer, musician, artist, engineer, and many many other things but most importantly, a gamer.

I've spent a couple of years as a self-taught artist working on games with the goal of being so good they will live eternally in the mind of its players.

While I don't have a favorite game, I can list a couple of them.
Among my faves are NieR: Automata, Chrono Trigger, Mother 3, Splatoon, Celeste, and many more.

Even if I was born a bit late to experience this kind of website, and even if I am more used to conventional social media, I wanted to make this website to share my own thoughts and feelings, and also to create the ultimate place where everybody can check out my works.

Featured pages

NekoScript (under construction)


MotherĀ² works (08/19/2023)

Social Media

Discord Username: marie_cuttlefish
Bluesky: @mariecuttlefish.bsky.social


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